Welcome to the CFC!

We are a multidisciplinary research centre devoted to the study of brain function, located at KIST, in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The CFC counts ten research laboratories using state-of-the-art techniques in molecular biology, imaging, electrophysiology and neuroinformatics, and tackling questions ranging from the level of molecules to brain systems. Most of our research activity is focused on the mammalian CNS.

Areas of interest include:

•Development of improved genetically encoded voltage sensors

•Understanding the cellular and molecular basis of long-term depression

•Activity imaging to understand olfactory processing in the olfactory bulb and piriform cortex

•Measuring brain connectivity at regional and cellular levels

•Studying the role of glia in brain function

•Determining stimulus selectivity of hippocampal “place” cells

•Imaging mechanisms of neural circuit development and remodeling

•Development of neuronal cell type specific and projection-dependent profiling techniques

•Understanding the functional role of ion channels using protein-protein interaction tools

•Development of novel and user-friendly software system for reconstructing and analyzing brain circuits

•Exploring novel roles of intracellular organelles in synaptic function

Investigators in the CFC provide training for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students (PhD or MSc). Please contact the individual laboratories directly.